5 of The Best Children’s Play Tents

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top 5 best play tents for toddlers

Survey Reveals Our Best Ever Children’s Play Tents

When it comes to shopping for play tents, teepees and Wendy houses, people have different priorities.

Some look for the latest trends whilst others look for a more visually pleasing children's den that will fit in with their home decor.

In our survey* it was the quality of the product that ranked highest in priorities for people searching for play tents for their children. This was quickly followed up by price and creativity of the design, and how their children could benefit from playing with the tents.

The fun element was also high on parents wish lists, which is why we have tried to build collections around each play tent to encourage children to role play and invent their own stories.

Our Top 5 Play Tents For Toddlers

Here is a list of the 5 best children's play tents from Canvas and Willow that people judged to be of the highest quality and appeared to be very engaging for their children.

With the ability to encourage creativity and imagination ranking high on their shopping list, these parents preferred the following play tents.

I hope you agree.

The Pirate Shack Indoor Play Tent

The Rose Pavilion Play House

The Wigwam Teepee

The Fairy Cottage Wendy House

The Toy Shop Play House

Benefits of Toddlers Play Tents

In our survey of parents, when asked what they like most about our play tents they responded;

  • "Fun for kids"
  • "It will encourage children to role play creatively"
  • "They're great for kids"
  • "Most of the designs are different to what I have already seen in the market place and I like the fabric used in the designs"
  • "Lovely, bright colours and looks quite spacious"
  • "They look more detailed than usual ones"
  • "I like the fact they are made out of natural materials"
  • "The sense of adventure"

It was the fun/play element that stood out for most parents, with just over 30% also said they liked the imagination building element that play tents provide. Which is true because when you leave your child in a fun place they can call their own, somewhere that makes them feel safe and secure, they start to build their own stories. Playtime becomes exciting and more colourful.

Pop Up Play tents vs Rigid Play Houses

Pop up play tents and tunnels are great for little children as they are easy to assemble and, with a bit of practice, can easily be folded away. We’ve all been there when the instructions say “with a simple twist the tent folds into a neat carry bag” - but seldom does!

Rigid structure play houses generally last longer as they set up in the corner of your child’s bedroom and stay there as a safe place for them to retreat to with friends or as a reading and tablet watching den.

fairy play tent in child's bedroom

If you want longer lasting toys, these playhouses will last and you can add to it each birthday or Christmas with extra bits like; dressing up costumes, themed toys, twinkly lights, night reading lights, padded play mats, bean bags etc.

How Engaging Are Children’s Play Tents?

Ranking from ‘not very engaging’ to ‘extremely engaging’ our survey revealed nearly 80% of parents found our themed play tents ‘very engaging’ or ‘extremely engaging’.

They said the play tents were “brighter”, “more colourful” and “extremely detailed”, combine that with “beautifully made” and we believe these toddlers play tents are great value for money. They will last for years and grow to be a key part of your child’s informative years.

boy dressed as pirate

Ease of Use

Our themed play tents are so easy to put up. Designed to withstand many hours of play, the metal framed structure connects together using solid plastic joints, each labelled for ease of use. They come with detailed instructions and a simply “put up” diagram - so easy your child will take great pleasure telling you how it’s done!


If you would like your child to create life-long memories of playing with their friends and developing their imaginations, buy them a play tent. Whether they are toddlers or older children, they all like a place to escape to, somewhere they can find peace and lose themselves in their imaginations. Themed Play Tents and Wendy Houses give them that chance to build on their happy childhood memories.

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*survey carried out by Canvas and Willow to 52 people in September  2015.

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